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4 Causes of Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repair

It can be a nightmare to your lifestyle as a hearing aid user when your device goes wrong. You may be completely dependent on your aid’s ability to work properly, and if it isn’t working efficiently, it has a massive impact. And, of course, despite the fact that hearing aids are more durable now than ever, they are still electronic instruments. That makes them vulnerable to all kinds of issues, including dirt, moisture, earwax and bangs, scrapes and accidents. With this in mind, its vital that device users know exactly what causes hearing aid repairs, so they can keep their equipment as safe as possible - for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

Cleaning and maintenance

You need hearing aid repairs, there is a good chance it is down to a lack of cleaning and maintenance. Once earwax, dirt, and moisture get into the receiver and tubing of your aid, it’s only natural that it will cause issues. In most cases, this will result in a malfunction, but they may stop working altogether. To ensure your hearing aids work well for longer, it’s vital to clean them daily - and to do it correctly. Never use alcohol cleaning agents or water - just wipe down with a soft, mildly damp cloth. If you are struggling to get it right in practice, speak to your hearing care professional for some guidelines.

Incorrect storage

If you cast your hearing aids to one side carelessly at night, it should be no surprise if you cause them damage. Instead, try and find a cool, dry place that is safe from potential accidents, and put them in the same place, every single night. It’s also highly advisable to leave the battery door open when you aren’t using the aids. This will allow the compartment to dry out, which helps extend the battery life.

Careless damage

Accidents happen to everyone, of course. And given the fact that hearing aids are far from indestructible, it’s easy to see why many hearing care professionals report accidental dropping as a common cause of repairs. You have to get used to putting your aids in and taking them out in a safe environment. Use soft surfaces and materials to prevent them from smashing into a hard surface like a sink or tiled floor. Sit down when taking them out, too, particularly when you are in the early stages and still getting used to the new devices.

Incorrect use

Finally, a lot of people have a tendency to forget they are wearing hearing aids - but you should avoid doing this as it will inevitably lead to damage and repairs. Leaving your device in while swimming or showering could prove disastrous. You should also avoid blow drying your hair while wearing your aid, as the heat can cause serious problems. Also, make sure you avoid using products like hair sprays and aerosols anywhere near your device. The chemicals in them can be problematic - and end up costing you a fortune in repairs.