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4 Ways an Audiologist Serves You

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Unlike doctors and dentists, not everybody will regularly visit an audiologist in their lifetime, although the chances of it happening increase as you get older. Because of this, the general population may be unsure of what an audiologist does, how they serve patients and people experiencing hearing loss. Most people believe they will only diagnose hearing problems, but this is not true. With this in mind, here are four ways an audiologist serves you. 

They treat your hearing 

An audiologist’s primary job is to treat your hearing to ensure you get the best quality of life possible. Audiologists will carry out hearing tests on people of all ages, whether they are five, 25 or 75 to understand whether someone is currently experiencing hearing loss. Once they receive the results, they will recommend the next stage of treatment. This could be a hearing aid, or it may simply be advice on how to adjust your lifestyle to protect your ears better before your hearing loss becomes too severe. 

They improve your communication

People who experience hearing loss can struggle to communicate as effectively as they used to. This is because hearing loss can affect how well you understand and comprehend speech, which can be frustrating and isolating. Once your audiologist has identified if you are experiencing hearing loss, they will provide strategies to improve your communication that can include lip reading, visual clues and even occupying places that have sufficient lighting to ensure you don’t miss mouth movements. 

They offer ear-health advice 

Any audiologist wants their patients to have the best ear health possible. But, unlike dental health or physical health, people do not understand what to do to ensure excellent ear health. As your audiologists understand how and why hearing loss happens, they will recommend ways to avoid hearing loss or make it worse than what you currently experience. This will include not listening to music at high volumes on your headphones, wearing ear defenders in noisy work environments and cleaning your ears out regularly. 

They keep you balanced

Balance begins within your ears, and your audiologist is an expert in conditions like vertigo that can cause dizziness and impact your balance. This can severely affect your quality of life, which is why audiologists can help you maintain your balance through exercises like gaze and posture stabilization. Because of this, you shouldn’t only see an audiologist if you experience hearing loss, as there are many other treatments, they can provide that surpass muffled hearing or tinnitus. 

Serving you  

Audiologists go through years of training to ensure they can provide the best possible advice in helping you cope with and even overcome hearing loss. They are dedicated to offering actionable advice for proper ear health and will also ensure that you are comfortable when attending appointments. If you believe you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with an audiologist so you can get all the help you need as soon as possible.