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How Can an Audiologist Help You with Ear Cleaning?

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We all imagine the worst when our hearing plays up. We convince ourselves that hearing loss is setting in and there’s nothing we can do about it. In a vast amount of cases, though, unexpected issues with hearing often come down to little more than wax build up.

Glands produce earwax to lubricate the ear canal for healthy functioning. Earwax also works to keep our ears safe from outside dirt. Sometimes, though, something goes wrong with wax production. When this happens, glands begin to produce excessive amounts of wax, which can prevent hearing. That can be a result of putting things in your ears or just a natural occurrence. In fact, around 30% of adults experience excessive wax excretion at some stage. And, when that happens, ear cleaning becomes essential.

Most adults with wax secretion issues marvel at how well they can hear after cleaning. And, an audiologist is the best person to turn to if you notice wax impacting your hearing. That’s because audiologists specialize in ear-related matters, and they can help with ear cleaning in the following ways.

Reliable diagnosis

First, an audiologist will look inside your ears to check if a professional cleaning is necessary. Given how far back wax secretion can go, this is something you could never do by shining a light in your ear at home. That’s why many people embark on ear cleaning when they don’t need to. That, in turn, can stimulate glands to produce even more wax, which really will cause a problem. That’ll never happen with an audiologist. Instead, they’ll do thorough checks before considering cleaning, to make sure wax build up is the issue and not something else.

Professional cleaning

At-home cleaning attempts can cause more problems than they solve. Trying this yourself could lead to issues which are far more severe than just excess lubrication. Luckily, audiologists offer a variety of professional ear cleaning services. Each of these could see your ears getting the attention they need with none of the risks. For the most part, audiologists will use a device called a curette to remove excess wax from your ear canal. Or, they may provide a service known as syringing, which is a type of ear canal irrigation. Either way, these are professional services with guaranteed results. And, an audiologist is the only person with access to them.

Ongoing service

It’s also worth noting that audiologists can provide this cleaning service on an ongoing basis where necessary. Most times, wax buildup like this is a one-time issue. In some cases, though, patients find excessive wax production happens regularly. In this instance, you may find that your ears become blocked and unbearable every six months or so. To stop this from happening, an audiologist can help with an ongoing cleaning plan. This will ensure build up like that never has a chance to happen again.

If you want to keep your ears clean, then, it seems that contacting an audiologist is the best way to do it.