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How Can You Adjust to Your Hearing Aids?

Woman with Hearing Aid

When wearing hearing aids for the first time, most users find that they need to go through an adjustment process. As with anything new, hearing aids can take some getting used to, both in terms of how they feel to wear and the effect that they have on your hearing.

If you are starting to wear hearing aids for the first time, here’s a few tips that can help to make the adjustment phase as simple and straightforward as possible.

Be prepared to give yourself time

If you have been anticipating the improvements that using hearing aids will bring to you, it can be a little disappointing to find that, initially, using them feels a little odd. You may find that the device feels noticeable in your ear, or that your perception of sound has changed - but be reassured that both issues are entirely normal and to be expected. Just because your hearing aids feel strange to use in the first instance does not mean that they will continue to feel that way, so give yourself time to adapt and take each day as it comes.

Choose a quiet environment

It is not uncommon for hearing aid users to be startled by sounds when they first start wearing their device, or to be distracted by background sounds (such as the sound of birds tweeting, car engines in the distance, or the ticking of a clock) that they might not have been able to hear before they began treating their hearing loss. To minimize these issues, it can be useful to restrict your hearing aid usage to quiet environments where there is relatively little background noise over the first few days.

Practice listening to different sounds

The idea of practicing to use hearing aids may sound a little strange at first, but doing so can really help you to feel comfortable using your device as quickly as possible. Try closing your eyes and then identify all the sounds that you can hear, then try to focus on each sound in turn and try to ignore all other background noises. In addition, practice following the flow of conversations between friends and family, even if you are not directly involved in the discussion.

Only wearing your hearing aids for short periods at first

When you first start to wear hearing aids, it is generally advisable to only wear the device for a short period of time - a few hours, at most. Getting used to wearing hearing aids can be tiring, especially if you have been living with untreated hearing loss for a long period, and you will likely need to take breaks and give yourself the chance to recuperate. Over time, you should find that you will be able to wear your hearing aids for longer and longer, but this can take a few weeks. 

All of the tips above should help ease the process of adjusting to wearing hearing aids, but if you do encounter any ongoing issues - or feel that your device may need to be adjusted - then contact your hearing health professional for further advice.