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What Hearing Aid Features Should You Consider?

a hearing professional explaining hearing aids to her patient

While many people may believe that experiencing hearing aids just means having something to improve the quality of what they hear around them, modern hearing aids come with a wide variety of interesting features. They have come a long way since the old-fashioned ear trumpet! So, which are some of the most useful features you may benefit from?

Wireless technology

Most hearing aids are wireless, which means you can connect to other technology such as your cellphone, MP3 player and anything that has the compatibility function. In addition, many new hearing aids feature Bluetooth so you can connect to anything that has a Bluetooth function.

Preset programs

A very useful thing if you go into different sound environments. For example, if you are in a quiet library during the morning but head to a loud rock concert at night, you can choose preset programs and memories with your own audio preferences. Rather than having to manually adjust the settings, you can switch the program or memory to the function you want.

Direct audio input

If you are a keen musician or like listening to music while out and about, you must be aware of the impact of experiencing hearing loss. Wearing hearing aids that have a direct audio input feature can be beneficial. In essence, this is a cable that can connect to your audio devices which treat your hearing aids like headphones.


Also known as a loop coil, it can allow you to hear more clearly in public places. The Telecoil sign is all around, especially in grocery stores and banks. It allows you to hear more clearly in one specific place, but you can also use it to talk on your phone, if it is compatible with the Telecoil.

Various microphone options

Different hearing aids have different microphones. They will pick up sounds in different ways. There are certain microphones that will offer distinct advantages in comparison to others. Many hearing aids come with a directional microphone, but there are also Omni-directional microphones that enable you to pick up sounds 180° around you. While modern hearing aids do this automatically, it is a very useful option if you are purchasing a relatively older model.
Masking features
For individuals experiencing a ringing in their ears, the tinnitus masking feature will be very useful. As hearing loss is usually related to tinnitus, using a masking feature that will play white noise helps to mask the tinnitus sensation. For those that experience severe tinnitus, using masking features such as this can help an individual to focus on what is going on in front of them rather than feeling overwhelmed by the tinnitus sound. 

If you have recently been to an audiologist and they have recommended you use a hearing aid, there are a wide variety of features to consider. Ultimately, it depends on your lifestyle. You will have specific needs, and choosing the right hearing aid with the best combination of features will ensure that you get the most out of them and experience a better quality of life.