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Hearing Resources

Southern Indiana Hearing Solutions provides advanced diagnostics along with the latest hearing aid technology available. When it comes to hearing loss and treatments, patients often have questions. As a full-service hearing clinic, we’re focused on finding the best solutions to your unique hearing issues. Here are some resources to help:  


If you hear ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears, you may have tinnitus. Tinnitus is very common and affects an estimated 50-million adults in the U.S. We offer tinnitus evaluations to determine the cause and discuss any treatments available. Find out more about tinnitus here.

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Hearing loss

It’s common to have some hearing loss as we age. Often hearing loss is connected to exposure to high volumes of sound over your life. Read more to learn how infections, disease, congenital issues or drug reactions may also contribute to hearing loss.
Musician’s hearing loss and prevention

It’s important for musicians to reduce their risk of hearing damage since they’re often exposed to sound levels that can damage hearing. Frequent exposure to loud music may lead to tinnitus or pitch problems. Southern Indiana Hearing Solutions can provide custom-made earplugs to reduce the risk of hearing issues.

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Hearing aid videos

This is the place to learn more about hearing exams, hearing aids and caring for the devices. Check out our helpful video library here. 

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How hearing works

For most people, it’s been a while since we learned how the ear works. Review this information to remind you how our ears process sound waves and send signals to the brain. With a greater understanding of how hearing works, you’re better equipped to consider treatment options. 

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Hearing health FAQs

At SIHS, we get lots of questions about hearing health and hearing aids. If you have questions, you’ll likely find some answers here.

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Southern Indiana Hearing Solutions is your path to better hearing care.  Contact us at 812-822-2666 for an appointment. We’re located off of Tapp Road at 2920 McIntire Drive, Suite 310, Bloomington and share office space with IU Health-ENT Associates.